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Kula’s Jewelry & Loan offers consumers a quick and hassle free way to access the cash they need for whatever life throws their way! There is no lengthy application process, no invasive questions to answer, just quick cash! In just a few easy steps you can choose between a short-term collateral loan, or you can sell your valuables outright. Let our team of experienced appraisers evaluate your merchandise and reward you with a deserving payday! With our thorough evaluation process we strive to offer our customers the highest possible return on their valuables. Why deal with bank credit applications? Credit cards can negatively impact your credit score, Craigslist and Ebay can be a time consuming process, and why send your valuables to an online company (located who knows where) only to be disappointed by a low offer? At Joliet Pawn / Kula’s Jewelry & Loan you receive an instant offer with an option of returning to reclaim your valuables. No lengthy process and most important, no waiting for your return. At Joliet Pawn, you get an offer, and in a few minutes, you receive your cash! We are absolutely the quickest and easiest way to get cash today! Call us at 815-723-5555


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First off I’d like to say WOW this is the nicest pawn shop I have ever seen!  After I inherited my grandmothers jewelry I didn’t know what to do with it so I went to Kula’s (they had the best reviews).  I walked out with $800!  Thats two car payments! I would like to say thank you to them.  I give my highest regards and refer anyone to go to them!

Mia R.
Lemont, IL


Joliet Pawn strives to accept the widest variety of merchandise to purchase and loan on. As the market for items evolves and changes we must stay current with the items we deal in. For a list of items we are currently accepting please check out our Loans page and click on the item categories.

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